2019 ta-da list (thus far)

After a whirlwind winter quarter, nose to the ground, I looked up and realized 1) it’s spring + gorgeous,  2) so much has happened since January, and 3) I haven’t written a post in far too long. Demerit to me. Here I am, making up for lost time with an abbreviated “ta-da list” (a twist on the to-do list) of 2019 thus far.

  • Started a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training @ Akasha in Davis with nine other wonderful humans and three incredible instructors. Queue lots of vinyasas, alignment, sore shoulders, yoga philosophy, chakra convos, and personal growth. It’s just as woo-woo/enlightening/wonderful/exhausting as it sounds.
  • Completed a Local 30 challenge (supporting local businesses and farms by focusing my grocery haul on as much food grown w/in 200 miles as possible for 30 days). Admittedly, I spent most of this time reflecting on the enormous privilege associated with being able to afford and access local food. In many ways, I felt guilty exercising this privilege, especially when a large percentage of the UC Davis community is food insecure. But, I also felt empowered by the ability to support local farms, the Farmers Market, and our Davis Co-op.
  • Did some school work (well, a lot of school work!). Despite being “part-time” this quarter, I immersed myself in a community engagement course (where we designed a new UC Davis Student Farm Production and Education Facility), completed the final course for my Jewish Studies minor, and wrapped up internship units for my Professional Writing minor. The undergrad check-list is rapidly dwindling…I’m frantically stuffing in all the information and growth before the “garage door closes” in June.
  • Mimi, my dear friend from Israel, visited for a California weekend. We hiked, ate, talked, walked, and did ALL the fun things while enjoying the gorgeous spring weather. A few of my friends from Davis and home joined in on activities. While this “clashing of worlds” is most people’s worst nightmare, it’s my favorite thing on Earth. The best!
  • Headed south w/ Momma to Joshua Tree for a quick desert camping/hiking trip. Repeatedly enamored with California’s beautiful and diverse landscape. It really never gets old. Cherry-on-top was a stop @ Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve on the way home yesterday. Truly other-worldly.

Now, back to Davis for the *final* quarter of my undergraduate career. Time to soak up all the goodness of this special place, while also 1) contemplating the intimidating future of life and 2) feeling ridiculously grateful for where I’m at. Such is life at 23!


  1. The Wild Sobernaut · March 30, 2019

    I love that 30 day challenge! I would love to try this – what was the biggest challenge you faced? We don’t have any farmer’s markets or anything open yet in northern MN, but I have been craving some good, local veggies! 🙂

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    • cassidycraford · March 30, 2019

      It was incredibly fun, eye-opening, and challenging! Spices/condiments and dessert items were the trickiest. I relied on local garlic, herbs, honey, almonds, and fruit as much as possible, but gave myself some leeway with a few items (couldn’t quite survive without salt and pepper, or cinnamon and baking soda!).

      At some point, I might write a more extensive reflection on the challenge, but right now I’m still wrestling with the privilege associated with eating this way, which, quite candidly, is not far off from how I have been able to eat most of my life. For me, it feels more important to expose and discuss food insecurity than meddle in the “challenges” of eating nearly 100% locally…

      Let me know how it goes if you decide to try!

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  2. Lara · March 30, 2019

    I can’t believe you are graduating this June! So many wonderful adventures you’ve had in the last several years. I so look forward to following what the future brings for you. Many blessings!

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    • cassidycraford · March 30, 2019

      thank you, thank you! I think of you all often, especially now that we have little Taxi (a less-well-behaved, but adorable Orion mini-me!) XO


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