Shalom Israel!

After packing a couple bags, saying a LOT of goodbyes and jumping on a few flights I have officially arrived in the Holy Land. Travels went smoothly. I enjoyed some of the best airline food I’ve ever had on the El Al flight (Pita and hummus for the ascent? Yes, please!) and sailed through immigration and customs (Israeli visas do wonders). So here I am! I feel confident, happy and a bit nervous, but mostly just plain excited.

Currently, I am settling into a trendy Tel Aviv hotel close to the beach. Tomorrow I will return to the airport to meet up with the rest of my study abroad group (of which I do not know a soul) and off to school we go!

As for this little blog… I hope it ends up being an efficient way to share my experiences and perspectives with you all. Sometimes I feel that the level of detail and care I take into account when telling a story from my travels dwindles once I have told the story repeatedly. My intention with this blog is to eliminate that and share fresh and thoughtful accounts of my adventures. This way each of you gets the “first listen”– all at once! No sloppy storytelling here!

I plan to write every once every week or two. To ensure you see my posts you can subscribe to the blog by clicking “Follow” in the bottom right-hand corner. Follow the steps and ta-da, good to go!

That’s all I got for now. Sending big hugs and love to you all.



departing SFO

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